Educational Program

Tathra Preschool offers an innovative play based curriculum which is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework  and reflects best practice and current early childhood research.

We provide a nurturing learning environment to help children feel safe, secure, and supported. Our teaching encourages children to become independent and resilient as they develop a positive sense of self. Our intentional teaching helps children develop an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of belonging to their preschool group and what it means to be fair.

Our learning environment reflects the view that the children are capable and resourceful learners. They are inventors, theory makers, story tellers, creative thinkers, agents of change and scientists who are deeply connected to their families and community.

At Tathra Preschool children have the opportunity to wonder, hypothesis, express ideas using a range of media, experiment, explore, investigate and pursue their own interests. They will have opportunities to reflect, solve problems, create and collaborate. They will learn to interact with others with care empathy and respect in partnership with teachers and educators.

The program and daily routine is flexible and responsive to the individual needs and interests of the children. Teachers and educators regularly observe each child’s development and set individual objectives and goals according to their strengths, interests and needs in partnership with each child’s family. These objectives are written into the program, where staff extend learning and evaluate progress.

Each term we transfer children’s digital portfolios onto a USB provided by the family. The portfolios are your end of term report. They

  • Provide a visual highlight of your child’s learning, strengths and interests
  • Are an opportunity for children to share their friendships, projects, moments of awe and wonder, interests and learning

Parent/Teacher meetings are held twice a year to share and exchange information about your child’s development, interests and needs.