Our Policies

As an organisation committed to high quality early childhood education and care, we have a number of policies and procedures that guide and support staff in their work with children and families and support the effective management of our preschool.

All Tathra Preschool policies and procedures are available for you to read. Our policies and procedures are updated on a regular cycle and new policies are developed as the need arises. When an existing policy is updated or a new policy developed, it is circulated to staff and families for their feedback. In this way our policies are living breathing documents that reflect current research and best practice.

We encourage and welcome your feedback on our existing policies and value your input into the development of new policies.

List of policies

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Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy


Arrival and Departure Policy

Child Protection Policy

Child Safe Environment Policy

Complaints and Feedback Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Data-Breach-Preparation-and-Response Policy-February 2018


Emergency and Evacuation Policy

Enrolment and Orientation (for new families) Policy

Excursion Policy

Fees Policy

First Aid Policy

Governance and Management including Confidentiality of Records Policy

Grievance Policy Educators and Staff

Incident-Injury-Trauma-and Illness Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Induction and Orientation for Educators,Staff,Students and Volunteers Policy

Infectious Diseases Health,Hygiene and Infection Control Policy

Interactions with Children Policy

Medical Conditions Policy


Policy Review and Evaluation


Safe Sleep,Rest and Relaxation Policy

Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Staff Immunisation Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Sustainability Policy

Volunteer, Student and Visitor Policy

Water Safety Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

List of forms

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Feedback Form