Literacy & Numeracy

We recognise that Literacy and numeracy are important aspects of communication. A positive attitude and confidence in literacy and numeracy are essential for children’s successful learning.

At Tathra Preschool literacy experiences are planned to encourage children to:-

  • Learn new vocabulary;
  • Exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings through music, movement, dance, and storytelling, visual arts, media and drama;
  • Exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings through talking, listening, early reading and writing.

Children use maths in their daily life at Preschool. Maths is all round us. We encourage children to problem solve and think strategically and record data to support their mathematical ideas. Planned experiences and resources are provided to support children as they learn to:-

  • Count and recognise numerals;
  • Create and recognise patterns;
  • Sort and categorise objects;
  • Learn about fractions;
  • Talk about time and the patterns of the day;
  • Measure and calculate amounts;
  • Arrange objects in space and identify shapes.

We work in partnership with our local schools and are guided by the National Literacy and Numeracy Continuums.