We recommend

Label everything please.

  • Two lunch boxes. One box for Crunch and Munch morning tea and one box for lunch. Avoid thermal bags to store children’s food as these keep the cold out when stored in the fridge.
  • A drink bottle full of water to sip with a covered mouth piece to avoid spread of germs.
  • A bag or backpack large enough to fit all the child’s belongings and artwork. We have found that cloth shopping bags are ideal. They hang on the hooks and are easy for children to access.
  • A few changes of clothes everyday as children may get wet and or muddy.
  • A jacket every day for our regular cool sea breezes.
  • Comfortable and easy to manage clothing to allow independent toileting as well as comfort when playing.
  • Sun safe clothing. It is Preschool policy that educators and children wear sun safe clothing that covers as much of the skin (especially the shoulders back and stomach) as possible. Please note: Midriff, crop or singlet tops do not provide enough sun protection and are not recommended.
  • Broad brimmed hat to play. Educators and children are required to wear sun safe hats that protect their face, neck and ears. Please note: Baseball caps or visors do not provide enough sun protection and are not recommended. Avoid hats with a toggle under the chin as they can cause entrapment/choking when children are climbing.(Kidsafe).
  • Please leave personal toys at home. Toys are easily lost or broken and often cause sharing problems. If your child needs a toy as a comforter, please talk to us so we can meet their needs.